We serve a highly-female customer base. Being a mostly-female team ourselves, we identify well with our visitors.

The majority are aged 25-44, earning over $125k, and "very busy" types. This customer seeks personal attention with their higher priced purchases but is always interested in discovering new brands, designers, products, and services. She is a tastemaker and her sense of style is well-established. Batch helps her experience the things she learns about online and offers an attractive environment to complete her purchase. Over 20% of our shoppers earn $450k a year.


WINTER - January 20th through March 24th, 2018
SPRING - April 4th through May 26th, 2018
SUMMER - June 4th through August 18th, 2018
FALL - August 27th through October 27th, 2018
HOLIDAY - November 5th through January 5th, 2019