Also known as “Ori”, this Australian Shepherd is not only known for his stunning eyes and sleek coat. This pup is eager for adventure - whether it’s surveying his favorite park, Stern Grove, or picking a fight with his cat brother. No wonder his mom calls him a menace!

When it comes to fun at home, Ori is known to be partial to socks. His dad even keeps them in a small drawer for him, and each one is a small puzzle to solve. Entertainment for hours, and when dad comes home, they get to play 'chase me!!!'.

And when it’s time to wind down, you’ll find Ori enjoying his go-to snack, bully sticks and beef crunchies, in his cozy nap spot: a tiny spot under the desk. Ori has to contort in order to fit, and his mom says he looks horribly uncomfortable and ridiculous, but we don’t judge!