Five Things We Learned at Embark's Event


Last night, we hosted the scientific team from Embark for an informative panel discussion about canine genetics. Here are five fast facts from the discussion:

  1. Citizen Science, a collaboration of the general public with professional scientists, is intrinsic to how Embark makes genetic discoveries 

  2. Narrowing down your dog's breed could help to predict behavior and allow you to monitor health risks and potentially prevent disease

  3. Embark works with vets, researchers, and breeders around the country (and world) to make discoveries relevant to every dog!

  4. DNA testing is key for purebred dogs too. It provides critical insights into health and is the first step to long term breed management.

  5. Embark geneticists genuinely care about you and your dog, and want to help you interpret your Embark results. They are happy to book one-on-one time with you and talk daily with Embarkers who want to better understand their best friends!

The Embark kit is available at Batch through February 10, 2019!

Lindsay Meyer