Meet the 2019 Top Dog Round Up


Calling ALL Dog Enthusiasts.

It’s that time of year again! HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

And no one is more pumped than our furry canine friends. So pour yourself a nice cup of cocoa and get ready to spoil your 🐶 because below are the Top Dog Brands of 2019.


Polka Dog - Slowly dehydrated dog treats hand-made in the USA.
Brodie Bowl - Dog bowls that create for the healthiest eating experience for your pup.
Bessie & Barnie - Proud makers of customizable, luxurious, and eco-friendly pet beds and accessories.
Stayjax Pet Products - Innovative seat covers and accessories that make pet travel clean and safe.
Dublin Dog - Makers of innovative pet products, including a waterproof, odor-preventing collar.
Designer Pet Products - Innovative pet products including efficient litter box enclosures.
Sojos - Balanced pet food that combines convenience with nutrition.
PREFER PETS- A company dedicated to creating and selling quality soft-sided pet carriers.
Smart Tags - Innovative, affordable pet ID tags with lifetime registration.
Einstein Pet - Delicious and nutritious treats created to keep your dog healthy for years to come.
Honest Kitchen- Pet food created with 100% human-grade recipes.
Playology - Scented dog toys designed to keep your pup entertained.
Kopeks - Intuitive pet beds, pools, and seat covers optimized for efficiency. 
Gooby Pet - Functional, easy-to-use pet harnesses and products designed to improve pet-owner relationships.
Sodapup - Pet products designed for sustainability and long-lasting pet play.
Schum-Tug - Makers of a dog toy designed to build the perfect pup-owner relationship.
Muttluks - Creators of a dog boot customized for your dog's climate and lifestyle.
Canine Matrix - Makers of a range of certified organic mushroom powders that will keep your pet happy and healthy.
Playa Pup - Fun dog products with a beach-inspired touch.
Pet Gear - A company solely dedicated to creating affordable, comfortable pet products.
ONE FOR PETS - Intuitive pet products and travel gear optimized for your pet's health.
Lupine - One-of-a-kind collars, leashes, and gear for your pet.
Barklogic - Non-toxic grooming, household, and kennel products for your pup.
Paws Aboard - Creators of safe, enjoyable products for active pets and owners.
H2O4K9 - Creators of revolutionary, portable dog water bottles and bowls.
Bowsers - Practical dog beds with a uniquely beautiful design.
Be One Breed- Pet products designed for your lifestyle and your pet's long-lasting health.
Paws & Pals - Honest, hand-crafted pet products that combine first-class design with nutritious ingredients.
Neater Brands- Pet products designed to keep your pet happy and your home neat.
Majestic Pet - Quality, affordable pet products with unparalleled customer service.
Healthy Hemp Pet - Healthy, hemp-infused treats for your pet.
Fiestaware - Stunning pet products with a unique, patterned design.
CHILLY DOG - 100% wool and naturally dyed dog sweaters, handmade by Inca artisans
Calmz - Comfort fit, accupressure dog vest with soothing music to calm anxious dogs
Aikiou - A puzzle feeder so your your dog eats at a slower pace and expresses their natural needs
Cardinal Gates- Safe, reliable dog gates that can be installed in minutes
NaturPet - All-natural herbal remedies formulated in consultation with veterinarians
Caitec - Wide range of high-quality, affordable dog products
Red Dingo - Pet accessories built to outlast any pet adventure
Soft Claws - Nail caps to prevent damage caused by scratching
Doggie Dooley- The original in-ground waste disposal system
Rubit - This dog tag clip easily switches dog ID tags from collar to collar.
Paw Savers - Disposable paw pads designed to protect paws while keeping them clean all year round
LSC ACCESSORIES- Adorable dog picture frames for our furry friends.
Lazy Dog Cookie Co - Dog treats made with simple beneficial ingredients that not only make them viciously delicious, but also naturally nutritious. All of our product recipes are wheat, corn, soy, egg and meat free (with grain and dairy free offerings)
Hip Hound - Pet supply boutique dedicated to providing the finest holistic pet food and treats, quality toys, stylish clothing and collars, custom beds, and much more!
Wondercide - All Natural Pet Products. Protect your pet’s health without any harmful chemicals
Wilder & Harrier - Raw Dehydrated Food.
Up Country  - Stylish dog collars
ULTRA PAWS - The Destination for Premium Outdoor Dog Gear
Thundershirt - Innovative dog calming and walking products
Targeted Pet Treats - Injection molding food tech, focusing on dog’s dental health
Sturdi Products - Carriers, pop-up kennels, and tips
Soopa Pets - Homemade dog food recipes
Snoozer - Fashionable, long-lasting carriers and pet products
SnapWag - Hand-crafted pet food subscription service
Shed Defender - As seen on Shark Tank. Dog onesies designed to prevent shedding
Scollar - Smart dog collars
Royal Animals - Dog raincoats and apparel
PURPLE- Dog beds-  scientific comfort built for your furry friends
Puppies Make Me Happy - pet clothing, pet-themed human clothing
PrideBites - Pet products you can customize yourself
Polkadog Bakery - Dog treats slowly dehydrated to perfection.
Pet Lounge Studios - Pet furniture and accessories with a modern touch.
Pet Krewe - Fun costumes for your pet, and a pet horoscope!
Pet Acoustics - Products designed to reduce your pet’s stress.
Pearhead - Pet-themed gifts for family and friends.
PAWSCOUT - Pet tags with unparalleled smart tech.
PawPods - Sustainable, sensitively made pet caskets.
P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You - Dog beds that blend sustainability with quality.
Outward Hound - Products designed for your pet’s outdoor adventures.
Oster - Quality pet products and pet hair hair solutions.
Open Farm - Pet food that blends nutrition with sustainability.
Nite Ize - LED Safety Collars for Dogs
Natural Dog Company - Organic, vegan, and all-natural ingredient grooming products
Mount Tibet Corporation - Artisan Tibetan Dog Chew made from Yak milk and Cow milk.
Molly Mutt - Amazingly comfortable dog beds
Lintbells - Healthy dog food for specific conditions (i.e. for joints, dental, digestion, etc.)
Link AKC - An innovative approach to the Smart Collar
Kurgo - Pet products, travel and outdoor gear.
Hip Doggie - Dog coats and toys with a unique touch, including NFL apparel.
High Tech Pet - Dog products with an innovative focus on technology.
Gold Paw Series - Family-run makers of dog fleeces, collars, and leashes.
HERBSMITH - Holistic supplements for dogs and cats.
G.O.A.T. Pet Products - Shark Tank-featured, durable pet products.
FLUFF & TUFF INC. - Well-designed, irresistible, and durable plush dog toys.
Enchanted Home Pet - Dog couches and chairs with a sleek, high-end touch.
Doog - Dog Owner Outdoor Gear -- gear for dogs AND their owners
Doggie Walk Bags - The original blue bag for picking up after your dog
Dog Quality - Dog assistance products for older dogs
CleverPet - The World’s first game console for dogs
Canine Styles - The best in canine styles, honed over 50 years serving dogs and their owners
Butternut Box - Home cooked dog food, delivered to your door.
Bocce's Bakery - All-natural dog treats. Baked by hand, in small batches
Bixbi - Simple ingredients in natural food, treats, and supplements for your dog
Bionic - Toys that chew better
Bentley's Pet Stuff - Specialty dog food. No corn, wheat, soy, or chemical preservatives
Because Animals - Ultra-nutritious, animal-free pet food supplements
Aroma Paws - Botanical pet grooming solutions so you pet looks, feels, and smells better
Aquapaw - Making bath time happier and easier for your dog -- and you
Alcott - retractable leashes designed for adventuring

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Lindsay Meyer