Inhale & Exhale: The Benefits of Aromatherapy


If taking care of yourself is among your 2019 resolutions, read on. Aromatherapy improves mood, relieves stress, and combats depression. Often used in massage, many oils have anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. In recent years, inexpensive home diffuser systems have hit the market. This past holiday season, we were thrilled to work with Aera, a company with an extensive background in providing fragrance in common public areas like hotels, stores, malls, commercial buildings, airports, train stations, and theaters.


Aera has reinvented home scenting by creating a smart diffuser that allows you to adjust the scent effect, monitor fragrance life, use wifi controls, and schedule play times to bring more technology to your aromatherapy experience.

Unlike many diffusers, Aera is safe for environments with kids and pets. Their technology ensures consistent even coverage in spaces ranging from small to large. Their unique capsules come in a range of scents, each lasting 1,400 hours. And through the end of our Homemade Holiday season (last day: Saturday, January 5th, 2019), the Aera Hygge Collection is 30% off! Come in to experience this exceptional new technology and bring it into your home, today!

Lindsay Meyer