10 Fun Facts About Our First Year


It's our first anniversary, and we're so grateful for our investors, customers, employees, and supporters. To mark the occasion, we've rounded up 10 fun facts that show just how far we've come in our first year. 

1 - 78 BRANDS featured since launch

2 - 50% of brands have been founded by WOMEN 


3 - 6 total Batches

4 - 97% customer HAPPINESS rate, per Square data.

5 - Best-selling categories have been APPAREL/ACCESSORIES, and FOOD-BEV


6 - Revenue increased by 50X

7 - The most popular time of day to shop at Batch is NOON

8 - Our most popular days of the week are THURSDAY and SATURDAY

9 - Year to date in 2018, 4 of the top 5 most expensive purchases made from Batch were SOFAS


10 - 617 LIKES on our most popular Instagram post

Lindsay Meyer