Must Have Beach Accessories


The best part about summers in California is all the beautiful beaches lined up along our picturesque coast. From Laguna Beach to Venice Beach to Big Sur, there’s no shortage of sand and waves to visit in this state.

With so many beaches to hit this summer, it’s time to upgrade your beach accessories. Our favorite beach gear comes from Nipomo, a brand with designs that celebrate the local craft and traditions of Mexico and California. Nipomo’s designs are simple, multi-functional and best of all, trendy. The collection has everything from sandals, to woven blankets, basket bags and visors.

Before you go sunbathing and tide-chasing, check out some of our go-to Nipomo products that will spruce up your weekend by the shore.

Think of this as your cheat sheet before you hit the water, or just want spruce up your beach gear with some stylish options before your weekend by the shore.

Batch_060218_detail_6076 (1).jpg

We love how how vibrant, portable and beautifully designed Nipomo’s hand woven blankets are. We’re currently lusting after Brisa from the Luna Collection and Arena from the Horizonte Collection.

Batch_060218_detail_6131 (1).jpg

No beach day is complete without the right basket bag to hold all your belongings. We love basket bags in the Mercado Collection, and more exclusively the Tote Canasta and Basket Canasta.  

You can shop Nipomo’s collection in-person at Batch in Russian Hill. Once you add these items to your beach gear, you’ll be more than ready to lay out, stretch out and relax.

Bita Khaleghi