Our Father’s Day Firehouse Revival Story


(Written by Lindsay Meyer, founder of Batch)

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve fire trucks, fire stations, and fire calls. My Dad was a volunteer firefighter in the small Minneapolis suburb where I grew up. We had a “scanner” in our living room so that the local and surrounding areas dispatch feed could play in the background throughout the day. At night, if Dad’s pager would beep, he’d be up and out the door to a fire call.

Lindsay & Dad 1988.jpg

In the summertime, all the firefighter’s kids would ride on an old white fire truck in the Jamboree parade - a town tradition dating back to 1934. We’d bring Super Soaker squirt guns in lieu of tossing candy into the crowds that would line the streets. It was always a great day to be a kid.

My Dad made a habit of visiting our elementary school to talk about fire safety and “Stop, drop, and roll” every year. He’d usually bring along a firetruck and park it right outside the school. Our class would gather outside to tour the truck. On a couple particularly memorable visits, my Dad even snuck in a McDonald’s Happy Meal for me at lunch time. That’s the kind of thing you never, ever forget.

Last July, my Dad celebrated his 60th birthday, and I signed a lease at our now San Francisco home - a historic Russian Hill firehouse. In my final walk throughs of the space, I brought along my dad who was in town for a visit. He helped measure, take photos, and make lists of the things we’d need to do to get Batch up and running. When he returned to San Francisco again in November, he saw our finished space, all decked out for Christmas. Floored at what we had turned the space into, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him so proud or impressed.

Lindsay & Dad 2017.jpg

As the founder of Batch, the firehouse connection has always felt so personal to me and I love it when the firefighters that worked in our historic space drop in for a visit. To all the firefighters who serve San Francisco and elsewhere, thank you for your service. And to all the dads - especially my Dad, we wish you a most wonderful Father’s Day!


Lindsay Meyer