Experience A Global Bohemian Takeover in San Francisco


With summer right around the corner, we feel consumed with all things travel, especially when it comes to home decor. Think modern global bohemian (what we like to call “globo”) designs for a relaxed style that brings out a world traveler vibe.

We recently launched Batch’s second Showcase at 815 Tennessee, boutique-like condos located in the Dogpatch, and this globo concept inspired our designs.


The decor in this 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo consists of a perfect mix of on-trend essentials, curated finds from around the world, and well placed plants. 


We wanted the blank canvas to take shape with a warmth that conveyed a modern worldliness. So we embraced white walls to make the natural elements and colorful accents to stand out in this boho chic retreat.


We also re-imagine everyday essentials in new, inventive ways. In the kitchen, we took a bar cart and placed it off of the island to make a style-statement storage unit for plants, magazines, and decorative boxes.


The dining room transitions the kitchen to the living room and works double duty as an elegant entertaining spot. Plus the natural light makes the entire space perfect for entertaining and hosting guests.   


The Dogpatch is not only one of San Francisco's trendiest neighborhoods, but it’s also a second home for Batch. We love spending time in the neighborhood, grabbing a bite to eat, window shopping and stopping by the Batch warehouse. The Dogpatch is also where we debuted our first Showcase with Knox.


Globo chic is taking over, and this aesthetic is perfect for well-traveled professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset. The mix of natural light, materials and bold, warm colors help bring the entire space together, making it the perfect place to call home.

The entire collection at 815 Tennessee is available for purchase for $25k and all inquiries can be made to hello@visitbatch.com.

Bita Khaleghi