All the Lady Love


This International Women’s Day, I’m humbled to recognize the myriad of ways in which women are impacting our business at Batch.



Our full time Batch employees are 100% women. That’s right, 100% girl power, all the time. As the CEO of Batch, I didn’t set out to only hire women. When I evaluated options for each role, the talent pool was overwhelmingly female. The dedication that our team brings to work every day is complemented with confidence, competence and optimism. This is a team that knows how to show up, make things happen, and keep their sights set on a better future because of the work we do.

We offer our full-time team a market wage, health insurance, weekly juice deliveries and 8-weeks of paid new parent leave - something exceedingly expensive for a small company to do. We don’t do this because it’s easy, we do it because we believe in the value of those investments in attracting and retaining top talent.



Alongside our Batch family, we’re also backed by a team of female advisors who have continued to encourage and push us from the get-go. Not only have these women provided key advice in scaling our business, but they have been generous with introductions, opening new doors, and getting us access to places that we wouldn’t have made it without them.   


When it came to assembling the best brands to build our concept, we’ve been focused on unique products at fair value. After looking back on the entrepreneurs we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with, we realized that 73% of these brands were female-founded and led.

From creating ethical and elegant clothing to inspiring artwork and innovative design - these brands are absolutely crushing it.

Here’s a look at our lady-led brand roster at Batch:
 • Arzu Studio HopeBlumeElvis & KresseFar + Wide CollectiveFrances AustenKristi Kohut StudioMartha OakesOars & AlpsParachutePomp & WhimsyRevival RugsSakaraSlate GalleryStatuswood • The Framework EventsUprise ArtVoyage et Cie


As I’ve surveyed the impressive coverage we’ve been able to attract in outlets like Interiors California, Luxe Interiors, San Francisco Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, Brit & Co, Dwell, California Home & Design, 7x7 and more, it stunned me to realize that more than 90% of our stories have been penned by women.


When we opened last fall, I predicted that our customers would skew majority female and our browser/buyer base has certainly reflected that reality. Women are the earning more degrees, making more money, and controlling the purse strings of their families. At Batch, we’re keen to be a better retail resource for the savvy female shopper and we’re honored to be a trusted partner in the journey to discovering a lifestyle to love.

Lindsay Meyer