Your San Francisco Wedding Itinerary


Hosting your wedding celebration in the city where you live is a LOT of fun, but it means that in addition to being the bride, you’ll also be taking on the roles of travel agent and city guide for your invited guests.

Since you are the bride first and foremost, you’ll want to create a plan for your guests that shows you thought about them and the time they’ll be spending without you during your wedding weekend. We all know how valuable a friends recommendation is when you’re in ‘their’ city. So from what airlines to consider, to the best hotels, the hottest places to eat, drink and shop, and to the can’t-miss sites, your guests will appreciate the time and attention you’ve paid to their experience at your wedding. Happy guests = happy wedding!

If the thought of playing tour guide is giving you a wedding planning panic attack, our friends at The Framework Events are here to help. With 12+ years of wedding planning and design in their history, TFE knows that wedding planning is more than just centerpieces and color palette and they know that the details of the days before and after the wedding day are just as important as the wedding day itself. Which is why they just launched The Experience in San Francisco for Bay Area lovers who want to celebrate their marriage with their favorite people in their favorite city.

The Experience is a wedding plan for couples who love their city and value their guests' experience as much as their own. So if you’re recently engaged and looking to throw a wedding in San Francisco, share The Experience with your family and friends to help them feel the love by showing them a good time from touchdown to take-off.  

Bita Khaleghi