Meet Alison! Batch's Showroom Manager


What is your background? How did you get started working in interior design...

I studied Political Science and Spanish at Cal, went to law school, and practiced law for seven years in LA. When I moved to San Francisco, I took some time off, took classes in woodworking and furniture design, and started working in retail. Batch is my first foray into interior design.

What is your role at Batch?

I’m the showroom manager.

What's your favorite part about working at Batch?

I get to work with a wonderful group of hardworking people who challenge and respect one another in a beautiful and inspiring space on a daily basis.

What three words best describe your personal style?

Practical, polished, relaxed.

Where do you look for design inspo?

Homes of friends and family, nature, architecture and design found in my favorite cities (San Francisco, Mexico City, and Los Angeles).  

Where did you draw inspiration from when you were designing your own home?

We have a great view of the bay so I wanted to highlight that when figuring out layout and style. Then, I thought about how we actually live in each room, and designed around it. I keep an eye on where we and our clutter settles and how we actually utilize the space.

As a plant lady, how do you incorporate plants into your home decor? How do you take care of your plants?

If there’s a clear surface in my home, there’s probably a plant on it. I place them according to the amount of sunlight they need, and rotate them as needed when the seasons change. I like to group them so they can share resources and don’t get lonely.

How I care for them depends on each plant and which season we are in. During the winter I don’t water as much, maybe once every 2-3 weeks depending on how they’re doing. During warmer months, most of my plants like to be watered once a week, so they’ll go in the bathtub for a short lukewarm shower and drain overnight.  

Do you have any advice for folks trying to incorporate plants into their home?

Start with a hardy and forgiving plant like a Pothos or Rubber Tree and resist the urge to overwater. Both will add great color and shape to your space, and both are very hard to kill! For a Pothos, only water when it’s droopy and allow it to drain well. For a Rubber Tree, allow it to dry between waterings and allow it to drain well. Also, resist the urge to buy a bunch of plants all at once. Get to know each of your plants and their individual requirements, and care for them for at least two seasons before adding to your plant family. Otherwise, you might have a sad little plant graveyard on your hands (which I’ve totally done before, it’s very sad and very disheartening! RIP succulent assortment from Cole Hardware).

What is your favorite room in your home?

I love our living room. It’s big and open, has a great view of the bay, is easy to keep tidy, and is filled with plants, special photographs, and other things that I love.

What trend are you loving at the moment? What trend could you live without?

I’m loving macrame plant hangers everywhere, they remind me of my grandma’s house. Give me all the macrame.

I’m ready for word art to go away! Sayings, phrases, or quotes on the wall or in a frame aren’t my thing.

How do you keep up with industry changes?

The news, my friends and colleagues’ shares, and what I’m seeing around in the city. I also like finding independent design publications or small design/art studios on Instagram.

What pieces are you lusting after in the Mid Winter Batch?

That’s a hard tie between Martha Oakes and Revival Rugs. Martha’s paintings and textiles are so beautiful and inspiring. They remind me of driving up or down the coast from San Francisco, one of my favorite things to do. I would also love to layer Revival’s stunning vintage Turkish rugs throughout my home.  

Bita Khaleghi