Last Minute Tips to Ace Thanksgiving


It’s an all-too familiar situation. Two days before Thanksgiving your Turkey Day guest list is growing. There’s always room for one more especially at this food-focused holiday where abundance and gratitude is best shared in the company of others. The good news is, Batch can help. Whatever you need, whether it’s extra chairs made by Sun at Six or dishware and serving pieces from Gather & Serve… we have what you need to ensure that you ace this holiday meal from the first knock at the door to the last bite of dessert.

If you’re cooking this Thursday, consider some of these personal tips from our founder and CEO, Lindsay!

Project Manage
Create a cooking schedule for Thanksgiving Day. Account for the time the turkey will need to rest before carving and work backwards from your desired meal time. If you plan to baste your turkey, create a timecard and tape it above the oven. Cross off each baste, setting a timer in between to keep the choreography on cue.

Gather Your Serving Pieces
The night before, make sure to pull out each dish you plan to serve the turkey and sides on. Add the serving utensils and label with a post-it note. This will make it much easier once the items are ready for the table, especially if your guests will be stepping up to help with the “last-mile” of production from oven to table. Most hosts have a particular logic to what food should be served in what piece, and making it explicit also helps ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Set the Table
1-2 days prior to your feast, go to town with the table, experimenting with different flourishes and decor before settling on the final presentation. The execution of Thanksgiving Day combined with the pressures of welcoming guests to your home doesn’t often allow much time for getting the details down.

Plan a Festive Welcome Drink
Whether it’s hot or cold, everyone loves to start their day with a little refreshment to stimulate the palate. The addition of cinnamon sticks, star anise, or freshly-grated nutmeg can be a warm addition to sage or rosemary garnishes. Try apple, pear, or cinnamon-tea inspired bases with a splash of champagne or a hit of your favorite whiskey.

Prepare for Leftovers
If your family expects to leave the Thanksgiving festivities with a to-go portion for later, consider stocking up on inexpensive plasticware or restaurant-style takeout boxes. If you’re feeling especially inspired this year, put your graphic design skills to work by designing a special label or sticker to adorn the carryout containers. Everyone will be taking for years about how amazing of a host you are!

Lindsay Meyer