The Brava Oven Proves Anyone Can Cook A Delicious Meal At Home


Technology has come a long way since the first oven was built in the 1920s. Fast forward to present day - a new company has put their name on the map with the most advanced smart kitchen gadget to date, the Brava Home.


The Brava oven makes it not only easier to cook meals, but also provides a healthy alternative to cooking that other methods, such as a conventional oven, fail to do. It is meant to be an additional accessory to your larger oven, although it can certainly accommodate making any meal.

With the Pure Light Cooking™ technology, the Brava can heat up instantly (little to no preheat required) and will cook your meal two times faster than a traditional oven. Making delicious home cooked meals at the push of a button has never been so easy. Really.

This fool-proof oven has built-in recipes and on-screen directions to help the cooking novice make incredible meals with virtually no prep required. The infrared lights make a perfect sear on your steaks and will impeccably toast your bread.

Recently in the showroom, we’ve been using our Brava oven to cook up batches of delicious s’mores - and the results have not disappointed. The chocolate melts to perfection and the marshmallow will come out evenly roasted and golden brown every time.

And that’s not even the best part. This oven can be controlled by your mobile device, making it super simple to keep track of your meals.

Brava is hoping to change the cooking game by setting out to make the easiest home-cooking device possible. Be sure to stop by soon to check it out for yourself!

Eleanor Silverstein