Visit ThiS CoastAL-Inspired Oasis: Designed by Batch and Discoverable via Redfin


We’re excited to announce the completion of our latest Showcase, a 2-bedroom, fully furnished townhouse on the shores of Redwood City and active real estate listing being sold through Redfin.

The Batch Showcase team created a modern, coastal retreat for the Silicon Valley or San Francisco commuter seeking a welcoming sanctuary after long days at work and busy travel schedule. You’ll find playful elements throughout the home that create the perfect environment for hosting a weekend BBQ or relaxing over coffee and the Sunday paper.

As with all Batch Showcase properties, prospective buyers and anyone else touring the listing, have the opportunity to purchase all of the furnishings and decor featured in the home — as if they were shopping in a retail store.

This appealing solution for easily furnishing a home makes for a synergistic partnership with Redfin, an innovative real estate discovery platform that simplifies the home shopping and selling process by making it easier and faster to access open houses, manage offers and negotiations and engage with real estate.

View the image gallery below for a preview of the home and call 714-613-1031 to book your tour. You can also contact Batch at for information on how to buy the 2-Bedroom furnishings package.

Lindsay Meyer