You walk into a beautiful space and you just know—you can call dibs on everything in the place. The clothes in the closet, the cushions on the couch, the scarves in the drawers, the wine in the fridge, the art on the walls—it’s all within reach. Welcome to the new world of retail. Welcome to Batch, a thoughtfully curated selection of up-and-coming products and innovative brands, ready to go home when you are.


EST. 2017

Today’s typical shopping experience is quite literally out-of-touch, since you can’t reach through your screen to touch that lust-worthy end table. But the solve isn’t a new store. It’s a new Batch. An immersive, inspiring shopping experience in a place that’s as comfortable and welcoming as your best friend’s home, only better, because everything you see is completely covetable. And touchable. And take-home-able.

Batch is housed in an historic 1916-era firehouse, and we’ve gone to great lengths to preserve, restore, or re-use its original features. So, you know--eye candy. Every which way you turn.