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Transform your home into a worldly "glo-bo" haven, combining global and bohemian styles that speak to well-traveled professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset. The mix of on-trend essentials, curated finds from around the world, and placed plants help bring the entire space together, making it the perfect place to call home.

Items: Twig Wooden Sculpture, Antigua Hanging Baskets, Freeman Sofa by CapsuleClamp Light by Pablo Designs, Iron Black Basket, Glass Top Steel Coffee Table, Emolek Rug by Revival Rugs, Elvis & Kresse Leather Rug, Leather Safari Chair, St Frank Alpaca Throw, Sliding Door Console, Geo-Taper Candle Holders, Cut Butterfly Collage, Accessories

Details: Product dimensions here

Retail Value: $10,419

Batch Price: $8,500



When you walk in the front door you can set your things down in the home office and pour yourself a refreshing drink from the bar cart. With this easy and organized layout, your life flows from work to relaxation in just a few steps.

Items: Wood Frame Accent Chair, Feathered Desk Lamp, Desk Accessories, Wall Clock, St Frank Arrows Box, St Frank Dots Box, Bar Cart, Molekule, accessories 

Details: Product dimensions here

Retail Value: $2,579

Batch Price: $2,000



You'll feel right at home with all of the necessities to keep the kitchen churning with great food and good vibes. You'll be equipped for a dinner party with your hand- carved cheese board or ready to start your day with the Ratio coffee maker. It's seamless design gives you a delicious pour-over and an elevated look to the space. 

Items: Swell Pendant by Pablo Designs, Leather Counter Stools, Ratio Eight Coffee Maker, Kashan Rug by Revival Rugs, Hand-Crafted Vintage Tea Kettle, Gourmet Cheese Board, Marble Vase, Accessories 

Details: Product dimensions here

Retail Value: $1,888

Batch Price: $1,500 



Dinner conversation will be aplenty, whether it is to rave about the Pablo light fixture, the delicious food you are serving on your Vera Wang dishware, or to celebrate your new abode! It has just the right mix of clean lines and subtle details to make the space comfortable and stylish. 

Items: Bola Disc Light Fixture by Pablo Designs, Vera Color by Vera Wang 4 Piece Dishware Set, Parachute Linen Napkins, Luigi Bormioli All Purpose Glasses, 20-Piece Flatware Set, Succulent Trio, Brushed Gold Frame Dining Chair, Dining Table

Details: Product dimensions here

Retail Value: $3,573

Batch Price: $3,000



Your own oasis in the heart of the city. A warm leather bed frame and sleek side tables lure you in, while the natural Heliotrope toiletries fill your spacious bathroom. There is a great mix of modern and vintage finds to round out the eclectic master. 

Items: Woven Accent Pillows, Parachute bedding, Plum Juju Hat, King Bed Frame with Leather Pad, Now's Home Kendari Side Tables, Mid-Century Vintage Dresser, Acrylic Tray, Pinrose Trio, Carpet Art Piece, clothing by France Austen, Heliotrope toiletries, Parachute classic towels, Natural Wood Toothbrush, Sea Land Sky Series by Martha Oakes, accessories 

Details: Product dimensions here

Retail Value: $9,954

Batch Price: $8,000



Guests can sleep in comfort with crisp Parachute bedding and a beautiful cashmere throw. Good sleep guaranteed. 

Items: Parachute Bedding, Vintage Accent Pillow, Kilim Headboard, Lana Light by Pablo Designs, White Tray Table, Small Succulent, Cashmere Throw, Queen KD Frames Bed Frame, Haidee-Drew Layer Mirror, accessories

Details: Product dimensions here

Retail Value: $4,018

Batch Price: $3,500



No powder room is complete without a good smelling soap and a statement piece of art. It all ties nicely together to keep the space minimal and refined.  

Items: Heliotrope toiletries, Parachute towels, Batch candle, artwork by Martha Oakes, Earth Therapeutics Sponge, Exfoliating Hand Soap & Tray, Natural wood toothbrush, accessories

Details: Product dimensions here

Retail Value: $605

Batch Price: $500